Skykomish cleanup


The town of Skykomish has been undergoing a massive change recently as environmental cleanup operations take place.

The cleanup is necessary to mitigate the effects from the chemicals present from GN's electric operations. Skykomish was the end of the electrified territory, and the location of shops where maintenace was performed on the electrics, which resulted in PCB-laden oil seeping into the groundwater and eventually the Skykomish river. Much of the contaminated soil will be excavated and removed, and a 15-ft deep trench has been dug along Rairoad Avenue to allow for a containment/treatment system to be installed.

Many buildings have been temporarily moved for this work, including the GN depot, and the work is scheduled to continue until at least 2012.

More information and photos about the cleanup operations are available at the web site»

The Skykomish Historical Society has a fine web page with old photos»

Below are photos taken on a breif visit on July 28, 2008