The 'Virtual'
St. Nicholas Mountain

Scale modeling can be more than making physical models, and a wide array of 3D modelling software available today makes it possible to create highly detailed structures in a virtual world.

St. Nicholas Mountain was chosen as the first of a series of GN streamlined cars recreated in 3D because I am fortunate to have access to two of the surviving 5 of 6 cars produced — GN (CB&Q) 1291 - St. Nicholas Mountain, currently under restoration, and GN 1292, the Going-to-the-Sun Mountain, in Kansas City, MO.


See a graphic showing the layers of construction»

The history and many details of St. Nicholas Mountain are fully documented by the car's owner, Ben Ringnalda, on his web site,, and original blueprints from the car's manufacturer, American Car and Foundry, were purchased from the archives housed at the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis.

This is truly a work in progress, and below are few sample renderings of the model as I add details.